How to Register
Blue Moon

Blue Moon is local to the Buffalo NY area. Registrants outside of the regional calling area will not be activated until payment is received.

Using a telnet client, telnet to

Using a regular modem communications program dial the number (716) 517-6000.

After you connect, you will get a Blue Moon welcome message and three prompts (Host: Login: and Password:).

Just type the word "new" at all three prompts.

Host: new
Login: new
Password: new

Once you have done that, fill out the registration form. A representative from Blue Moon will call by voice to verify your information and activate your account for a four day trial period. For more information on our subscription rates, click here.

If you own a business and are interested in our business packages, give us a call by voice at (716) 876-6398 between 10am and 6pm Monday thru Friday.

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